Benefits Of Essential Oils In The Modern World

For thousands of years, humanity has used essential oils in a vast variety of ways. From the medical and health purposes to personal beauty and aromatherapy. The key benefits making them so popular in the past are their antioxidant and antimicrobial effect. Even these days, essential oils still prove to be worthy as they act as a natural treatment without any side effects.


How they are used?

There are so many ways you can access the power of essential oils. However, the most common practices are aromatic diffusion, dietary consumption, and topical application. With only these three methods, you’ll bring an essence of health and peace to your body and mind.


About oils of do Terra

These days, finding a pure, natural essential oil as it was 2000 years ago, is quite a challenge. Most manufacturers replace natural components with cheaper chemical alternatives, destroying the healing powers of organic ingredients.

Do Terra is among the leading producers of essential oils in the world with the highest standards of testing and sourcing oils. In 2008, the company discovered technology capable of helping to replace commonly used harsh alternatives with a wide range of natural products that reduce the toxicity of the essential oils to a zero point. Customers who seek a genuine quality, without a doubt shall join doTerra.


Benefits In Everyday Life

A Hundred pages will not be enough to describe all known benefits of essential oils but here’s a most common of them.

Relaxation and good sleep – Fighting stress are hard, as it takes away so much from our physical and psychological well-being. And one of the greatest and mostly-known uses of these oils lies in their ability to aid with relaxation at the end of the day. Spill a few drops of lavender oil to a diffuser and let the magic do its work. Just keep one next to your bed, and soon you’ll find that sleeping became peaceful with no thoughts disturbing you at night.

Elevating your mood – Not only is relaxing is necessary, but keeping a good emotional state also makes us motivated and full of energy. Use aromatic essences to recreate a smell of fresh oranges or any other that brings pleasant memories up to your mind. Create a romantic atmosphere using a rose essence to make an evening with your loved one unforgettable. Or you may just set a favorable atmosphere during a social meeting.

Breathe easily – Smog, contamination of air with dust and exhaust fumes; all these affect our breathing, and in highly populated areas a considerable number of people suffer from respiratory diseases. One of the first healing powers of essential oils mentioned in ancient Egypt was an anti-asthmatic effect. And that is true as essential oils are great for reducing congestions in clogged airways; keeping a stable flow of air to your lungs. Besides, blocked sinuses easily open after a few minutes of inhaling peppermint. Just make sure you have a tissue close.

Keep your beauty natural – Get rid of all chemical ingredients in your set as they could never produce the effect essential oils do. Organic components saturate your skin soothing away fine lines and black spots and rejuvenating your natural beauty. Also, it is a well-known fact that essential oils strengthen your hair, making it shine and soft.


In the end

Even though chemical ingredients rapidly take over the market, they can never replace or recreate something which mother nature gives us.