A Comprehensive Guide to Bioresonance Therapy Machine

Bioresonsance therapy machine (BTR) has been around for decades, yet not much is known about it beyond certain circles. This could be because the therapy was marketed as the MORA therapy at its advent. A read through a comprehensive guide to bioresonace therapy brings out the effectiveness of the non-invasive medical procedure through the use of an electromagnetic frequency generator.

Uses of the bioresonance therapy machine

human bodyOther than its usefulness in the prevention of various ailments, it’s also a significant treatment tool that’s recommended by reputable health organizations. Many of these institutions use it for the following reasons.

  • Analyze the health status of body organs, glands, and the blood circulation as well as the nervous system.
  • Detect toxicity levels within the body.
  • Detect nutrition deficiency-related health complications.
  • Note the presence of disease-causing pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and protozoa.

Putting the machine to work

Though qualified health professionals often use the BTR machine, it’s also possible to have it as a domestic health equipment. However, some people steer off obtaining one because it comes across as machine that’s difficult to use without instructions from a qualified physician.

The truth is contrary to the belief since the device is as easy to set up like any other home electric appliance. All you need to do is to plug it into a power source before connecting up the jerks. This is not a difficult undertaking given that all bioresonace machines come with a comprehensive user guide with images of how the jerks interconnect.

Once the connection is in place, you can fine-tune the machine to suit your biological aspects. Note that a BTR detects the pathogens in your body with the help of electromagnetic frequencies whose activities are reflected by a column of rectangular orange alert-lights that are adjacent to an adjustable knob. The frequencies can be adjusted with the help of the knob. People react to these frequencies differently, making it advisable to find the right match for your body. The user-manual will guide you on how to use the machine without experiencing any side effects, especially if you have some form of sensitivity.

Other settings

bioresonance machineA comprehensive guide to a bioresonace machine also informs on how to go about disease detection and treatment procedures without switching on the frequencies. The equipment achieves this feat with the help of cell biology, quantum physics and biochemistry principles that are weaved together by a string of intricate technologies. Whichever, treatment or disease detection method you choose, it’s significant to pay attention to the body posture. In most cases, the nodes from the machine are attached to the body while one is lying on his or her back.


Each node is attached to a specific part of the body as shown in the user guide. Treatment and disease detection sessions can last for an hour or more depending on factors such as age, sex, and medical history. It’s normal to experience a wave of fatigue after treatment or disease detection sessions. However, this should not be a cause for worry because the fatigue-like feeling usually results from the machine’s immediate healing effects.